Secondary Stuff.

Secondary Stuff.

I’m going to buy a set of headphones (earbuds, really) from Amazon. This Question/Response was the most helpful for making my decision:

Yes! But unfortunately, they will not make you fire proof, so you will be incinerated in the process.
By Irish on October 28, 2014


Shame about the fireproofing. I guess it’s too much to ask for $10.

I have two credit cards. The expiration date between the two is a difference of 3 months. That is the time that it took me to receive a new card, loose it, and order Another one.


Both Rocks and Love are Rocky sometimes.

Found this quote in my bin-of-quotes:

“Only the truth makes lies seem true.”

Hah. Whoops. I just made that one up. Heres the real one I wrote a while back:

“Honesty is what makes lies seem believable.”


I’m really enjoying the “blockquote” feature of wordpress today. What’s that you say? More questions and answers from Amazon about my new headphones? ┬áHere you go, I’m out:

No. They are way too light and will not provide any significant resistance/weight for your exercises. I recommend steel weights or good resistance bands.
By Tony on June 15, 2016
Can they slay dragons?
  • Only if you follow the instructions. If you do not wear them correctly your attempt to slay the dragon will only serve to anger the dragon. I purchased these for this purpose, however I forgot to purchase a dragon finder. Now these headphones just set in my pocket waiting for the day of the dragon attack. WARNING! These do not work on zombies. If you need zombie killers I suggest the JVC brand.
  • This will easily slay lesser dragons but Elder dragons will still be a challenge.
  • Can you even Imagine Dragons?
  • only bad dragons
  • Not good with dragonflies, though.
  • They are the Mother of Dragons
  • I would put them in the dragon’s ears and let him (or her) enjoy the music. Then the dragon would say “Hmm, these ear buds are the best.”
  • That’s it! I’m getting them. The consensus is they slay dragons! What is else is there to know!

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