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Confirm Cozy Stuff.

Unsubscribe to college Shakespeare troupe? Yes.

Most recent e-mail: The Student Activities Building is closed!

Unsubscribe to college Film Makers Society? Yes.

Most recent e-mail: VAA Important Camping Signup Sheet!

Unsubscribe to College Community Garden? Yes.

Most recent e-mail: Work Day and Other Exciting News! (..they’re hosting a Pumpkin Carve)


I guess I should have done this much sooner.

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I’m cleaning up and trying not to hold on to so many things. I’ve only been out of college for six years. I’m sure those e-mails were important somehow…

It’s still sad to see it all go. Really if I were a truly getting rid of these things, I should have used “Delete All.”


Minimalism. I only count it when it takes up more space; and hard drive space doesn’t count. Yet… I’m working on that. My Science methods teacher wore a shirt that said “Information is Not Knowledge”


Too much information is Just noise. A lack of focus. Perhaps: Autism or ADD.


I’m living in a new Apartment. I had to move more things, more stuff, than I ever have before. Truck loads of… stuff. So much stuff.


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