Short Bus.

Short Bus.

I had a dream last night with my first grade teacher in it. She and I were on the short bus, Driving between Ranchester and Dayton.

I was trying to explain to her how I thought the short bus was actually cool– A sentiment that I’ve shared with many people. As far as I knew, The short bus at my school was known as “The late bus” or “The Mountain Bus.” Either way, it was cool. Late meant you got to hang out afterschool for a while just playing until the bus arrived. (I think the bus wasn’t even a short bus, but somehow the two have mixed in my Mind.)

And the Mountain bus? Well, obviously, it fetched the people on the mountain. It was short for sure, and housed 4WD and automatic chains that came out should it begin to slip. It was bad-ass. It was always exciting to get to ride on the short bus.

Back to the dream. We were on the bus, and I was trying to explain how cool that was, and how Apparently, Other people have a different connotation with Short Busses. She wasn’t really listening so I gave up.

The road became water, and the bus began to float. Man, short busses are cool.

We passed Irik from Camp. Ms. Robinson waved him off, saying that he got caught up hanging out with those circus Folk. This is True! But, I tried to defend him, saying that this Shouldn’t be a mark on his Character.

That’s all. It was a simple, and mostly happy dream. Just floating along, somewhat out of control on the Short Bus.

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