I decided I liked this saying I came up with the other day:
“Let’s wait to be Pre-emptive until something happens.”

This is a short blog post because I am sleepy, but need to write something. I miss being creative. I miss creating.

So many friends and acquaintances I know are married. The world Shifts and Slides. I suppose I don’t notice so much.

I am in Grad School now, working on getting My Physics and Special Education licensure. They say teaching is Hard, but they don’t describe why or How exactly. Perhaps it is difficult for everyone in different ways.

I caught one teacher playing on Spotify. And another used the word “Retarded” in the way you’re not supposed to. Still others don’t care, or are too tired or lazy to do what they ought.

And others still go above and beyond. My Physics teacher will stay late to help his kids prepare for the IB test. I saw SPED teachers specialize curriculum for Each and everyone of their students.

I drink Coffee now at times. It still makes me jittery. If I get the right amount of it, it helps me study. If I get too much, I just shake and become overwhelmed with the different things I need to do.

Anna has so many Aprons that our Cupboard won’t Close anymore. We all have our collections. I took home a TV yesterday from the street, and there are many bouncy balls around.

Love you world. Thanks for everything! And good Night.

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