Coyote vs The Universe.

Coyote vs The Universe.

Some say there’s good and evil.

No, I say. There’s young and old. The Gods and the Titans, full of fury and chaos. God and his creation, partaking of some fruit. The clowns who shove Pies into the faces of wrinkly Old Ringmasters.

And the Coyote, who tricks the Great Spirit.

Yes. The young and the Old. I would like to say “Since the Beginning they’ve been fighting.” But, I’m not sure how anything can be Old in the Beginning. (God sure seemed to be an Old Curmudgeon, and he Started things up in that Story, So Who knows.)

But our Stories are all about the Young and Old. For, what Would a story be with out Change? Change is the transition from Young to Old. (I’ve heard some stories Where nothing Changes. They can be dreadfully boring.)

Super heroes are always trying to stop Some Kind of Change (World Take over, Total Annihilation, Climates, Nazi’s, etc.) or trying to create it (Fighting Poverty, Opression…)

This is the Balance in the world. Not good and Evil. But Young and Old.

Kids fight so Hard to Grow up, and I know so many whom are still so Childish.

Jesters and Fools with Police and Rules keep the world in Balance. Take too many vacations, And your Crops will die and you will starve. Work too much, and your soul will wither Taking your Body away with it. ┬áSounds dramatic, doesn’t it? It sure is. Drama is the point; the masks both there to remind us.

And, best, it isn’t like someone is “New” or “Old” completely. We’re on a spectrum, we slide to one side Physically, but we can be as Young or Old as we chose. It’s a spectrum, and we will always be older and newer Than something or someone else.

Ugh, This sounds like Over gushing non-sense. I apologize. What I really want is for people to stop confusing the important characters. Good and Bad Don’t exist. Please don’t believe in that. Opposites are not so clearly defined.

Star Wars: It isn’t the light side and the dark side; It’s the loveable and fun against the boring and plain. THAT’s why people root for a character; Whether society claims him to be honest or a thief.

That’s why you should root for Coyote out causing mischief. It’s that childlike wonder, that keeps the world in ebb and flow.


Oy.. It has been a long time since I’ve written anything. I feel very rusty. Missed you Blog! I have some back posting to do.

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