Poi, Son!

Poi, Son!

Poisoned, and DNA altered. That’s what.


I’m just now recovering from a cold. On Sunday Night I was stricken with Food Poisoning. Yep. Pho, A bit past it’s prime. I thought maybe the extra salt and liquid would help me for the frisbee game.

I also wasn’t certain about it– The soup had been a few days old. I only took a tiny sip.

But a tiny sip is all it took. Boy did I not feel well. Aside from eating Too Much on Mothers’ Day (My Sister refers to it as “uncomfort-full” Thai food, and Pastrami Fries),  I un-ate just about as much.

While I finally was creeping out of it, I caught a cold. Anna’s been recovering from one she’s intercepted at the middle school.

(A middle School Named HAMLIN. Can you believe that?

It seems like such a bad Move… Just one mere letter from the Pied Piper of HAMELIN, famous for Luring Children away from a village after the he was left Unpaid for ridding them of their rats. What happened to the Children?

According to wikipedia, They’re Never seen again or Drowned. I… still think It’s a strange Choice for the Name of Middle School. According to their website, It is actually named after Frank B. Hamlin, a real-estate broker.  )

This is also the Second time in the Last Month When I’ve been Poisoned. A few weeks ago Anna and I ate some Morel Mushrooms. Something wasn’t cooked all the way or There was a False One, because we were both sick for Nearly A week.

Anywho. Viruses and Bacteria! All Over!

How the Micro really Hits the Macro.


Reminds me of The Game of Life: simple little rules make complex messes.


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