Bootstraps Bootstraps.

Bootstraps Bootstraps.

It’s a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. Two pirates mutter a line about “Bootstrap Bill,” and the best addition the second pirate has to offer is “Bootstraps’ bootstraps.” Sometimes I mutter it to myself.

I’m making a foray into using “Bootstrap” the responsive website database. It sounds pretty lovely.

I’m also making money. Slowly. Surely. Working about 6 days a week; anywhere from 5-10 hours, and at 1-3 locations. I’ve pieced together my own workload through word of mouth, and craigslist. Not so bad for being MIGHTY unemployed Last month.

At least the Numbers in my Books are positive. Natural Numbers haven’t made their appearance in my books Much this year. It’s mostly been integers, and not the friendly kind. (OK… Have to come clean. This analogy isn’t great because, frankly, most of the numbers are probably Rational Numbers: Being that they are all likely to Have Some Cents attached. But. It was a valiant attempt.)

Work includes: Cleaning Gutters, Painting, Weeding, Weeding, Weeding, Drywall, Fence Mending, and More.

Today was Sunny.


The moment the sun Pokes it’s head from Out of the Clouds, I Spring into Action! There are countless Examples; But Just this week, I remember Laying upon the Floor, unsure of what my Next step was. I probably didn’t remember what I was thinking just Minutes ago. THEN BAM!

The sun Peaks out, and I leapt up! Alive! Reborn! And I Move to clean the Room, Organizing with tenacity and Purpose. I am a soul of the Sun, and Do not function with out it.

Why am I in Oregon?

Luckily it has been quite Sunny this Year (comparatively).

This weekend! Farmers Market! Friends of The Eugene Public Library Booksale! Frisbee, the way it should be.

This is the Start of Summer.

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